Process of Accreditation of Private Printers

Pursuant to its mandate and the issuance of Local Finance Circular 1-09, dated January 29, 2009, the BLGF assumes the role of granting eligibility or accreditation to private security printers for the printing of LGU Customized and Standard Accountable Forms for the proper monitoring and safeguarding of the finances of the LGUs as well as to ensure that the LGUs are dealing with legitimate service providers.

The procedure below defines the steps to be undertaken in the accreditation of private security printers to ensure that the process is properly followed.

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM except on holidays.

Clientele         : Private Printers, Private Sec

How to Avail of the Service:

STEP Customer / Client Service Provider (Offices / Units of BLGF) Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Division / Person In-Charge Fees Form / Document
1 Submits eligibility requirements in ten (10) sets chronologically arranged, paged and securely bound to prevent loss   10 minutes Private Security Printers None 10 set of Eligibility Requirements (Refer to attached list of requirements)
2   Records incoming documents and routes to Accreditation Committee – Technical Working Group (TWG) 10 minutes Records Officer None Logbook
3   Undertake review and verification of submitted documents 3 days Technical Working Group None  
4   Conduct plant visit to confirm authenticity and correctness of documents submitted 4 days Accreditation Committee and Technical Working Group None  
5   Recommend Accreditation based on satisfactory compliance of the requirements (recommendation will be signed by all members of the Accreditation Committee) 1 day Accreditation Committee None  
6   Issue Certificate of Eligibility to Private Security Printer

  • Said accreditation is valid for a period of two (2) years renewable upon satisfactory evaluation of performance by the BLGF Accreditation Committee
  • For purposes of renewing accreditation / eligibility, the accredited private security printer should file the application for renewal upon satisfactory evaluation of performance by the BLGF Accreditation Committee.
1 day Executive Director None