BLGF Vision/Mission Statement

“Bureau of Local Government Finance of the Department of Finance is the focal agency and an authority in local finance that aims to be at the forefront of local economic growth leading the way towards national development.”


BLGF Mandate (Legal Basis and Functions)

Under EO 127, the Bureau of Local Government Finance is mandated to perform the following functions:

  • Assist in the formulation and implementation of policies on local government revenue administration and fund management;
  • Exercise administrative, technical supervision and coordination over the treasury and assessment operation of local government;
  • Develop or implement plans and programs for the improvement of resource management system, collection enforcement mechanisms and credit utilization schemes at the local levels;
  • Provide consultative services and technical assistance to the local government and the general public on local taxation, real property assessment and other related matters;
  • Exercise line supervision over its Regional Offices and the local treasury and assessment and other related matters;
  • Perform such other tasks or functions as maybe assigned by the Secretary of Finance or Undersecretary for Domestic Operations.