Documentary Requirements for the Issuance of Certificate on Debt Service Ceiling (Regional Office)
  1. Statement of Actual Income and Expenditure for the past three (3) years duly certified and audited by the Local Accountant and Auditor with the following supporting documents:
    • Trail Balance
    • Balance Sheet
    • Report of Revenues and Receipts
    • Status of Appropriations, Allotment and Actual Obligations Incurred
  2. Current Year Annual Budget and Annual Investment Plan
  3. Certification of the taxable Assessed Value for the past three (3) years and the date of the last successful conduct of General Revision of Real Property Assessments duly Certified by the Municipal Assessor
  4. Certification of the annual IRA received for the last three (3) immediate Preceding Years (Gross & Net) duly certified by the Local Treasurer
  5. Certification of existing loans, if any, duly certified by the Local Treasurer and / or lending institution with the following details:
    • Kinds of Loans and Other Obligations
    • Purpose of Loans and Other Obligations
    • Name of Lending Institution
    • Date of Approval and Other Maturity
    • Terms and Conditions (Interest rate & no. of years to pay)
    • Annual amortization
    • Latest Balance Loans and Other Obligation
    • Current
    • Arreages
  6. COA Annual Audit Report for the immediate preceding years
STEP Customer / Client Service Provider (Offices / Units of BLGF) Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Division / Person In-Charge Fees Form / Document
1 Submits Request for Certification on Income Classification   20 minutes     Letter request
2   Receives letter requests by the Pro / City / Mun LCE and other stakeholders 3 minutes      
3   Records letter request in the log book and attach routing slip for Action Officer 5 minutes      
4   Forwards letter to RD or in her absence, to ARD for scrutiny 2 minutes      
5   Routes to Action Officer concerned 5 minutes RD / ARD    
6   Prepares letter with attached 20 minutes      
7   Certified copy of income class   AO IV LTD / HRMA EPM    
8   Forwards letter request to RD or in her absence, to ARD for signature / approval 10 minutes RD / ARD    
9   Records / releases documents 10 minutes AO IV LTD / HRMA EPM