Memorandum Circular No. 27-2015 dated November 26, 2015

TO : All BLGF Central and Regional Directors, Officials and Employees, and All Provincial, City and Municipal Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers, and Others Concerned

SUBJECT : Advisory on the December 6, 2015 DOF-CSC Examinations


The Civil Service Commission released the herein attached Examination Advisory No. 1, s. 2015 dated November 24, 2015 relative to the simultaneous and nationwide conduct of the DOF-CSC Examinations covering the Basic Competency for Local Treasury examination (BCLTE) and the Ethics-Oriented Personality Test (EOPT) on Sunday, December 6, 2015. The Advisory contains the list of testing venues and other important reminders and procedures for the examinees’ compliance. The examinations will be administered in all CSC regional testing venues as contained in the said advisory.

The BCLTE will Cover the following subjects, as published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), page A11, on November 4, 2015;

1. Management of Local treasury Services

2. Mobilization of Resources
      a.Principles of Local Taxation
      b. Real Property Tax Collection
      c. Business and Other Local Taxes
     d. Regulatory Fees and Charges and Local Economic Enterprises
      e. LGU Credit Financing

3. Management of Inter-Government and Other Fund Transfers

4. Preparation and Analysis of Treasury and Treasury-Related Reports

5. Safekeeping of Local Funds and Records

6. Coordinating and Communicating Local Treasury Matters with Stakeholders

7. Management of Other Public Financial Management Areas
     a. Local Budgeting Cycle
     b. Irregular, Unnecessary, Excessive, Extravagant, and Unconscionable Expenditures
     c. External Audit Processes and Opinions; and

8. Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards, Leadership, Management and Analytical Thinking

It is reiterated that the examinations shall be mandatory for all provincial, city and municipal treasurers and assistant treasurers, whether permanent or designee,

The Treasury Operations Officers (LTOOs) and Local Treasury Examiners of the BLGF Central Office, and to LTOOs and Financial Analysts of the BLGF Regional Offices. The EOPT, on the other hand, shall be mandatory for all other officials and rank-and-file plantilla personnel of the BLGF Central and Regional Offices. Applicants from the other LGU offices who have been prequalified by the BLGF shall be allowed to take the BCLTE.

All examinees shall bring their Acknowledgement Receipt with the attached picture, together with the other things to bring per CSC Advisory. Please take note that the test proper for both the BCLTE and the EOPT will start at 7:30 until 12:00 p.m. For the BLGF employees who will take the EOPT only, the test shall start at 7:30 am to 8:30 a.m. The CSC will provide a medic in the testing center

The Regional Directors of this Bureau are directed to assign a focal person and one (1) additional staff to assist the CSC in the verification and identification of examinees during the admission period. The focal person and assigned staff shall be present at the Testing Center at 6:00 am in the morning on December 6, 2015, until such time that the designated staff are already admitted for the EOPT. It shall also be the task of the focal person to ensure that all examinees signed the attendance sheet and undertake the preparation of the activity report on the conduct of the examination. (See attached formats).

The Regional Director shall issue Certificate of Appearance to all examinees, and shall in coordination with the CSC Regional Office, assist in ensuring peaceful and orderly conduct of examinations. The respective official vehicles of the regional offices of this Bureau are also requested to the available at the centers to provide transportation service in case of emergency.

All Regional Directors and Provincial Treasurers are directed to disseminate immediately and widely this Circular to all concerned within their respective jurisdictions, such that all administrative concerns are addressed.

Please be advised that any query or clarification be directed to the BLGF Central Office, Through the Capacity Building Division, and not to the CSC Central or Regional Offices.

Kindly visit the BLGF Website ( for further announcements.

Strictly compliance of all concerned is hereby enjoined