The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Malaysia, through the Malaysian Technological Cooperation Program (MTCP), conducted a three-week International Certificate Course on Property Valuation from July 09 to 27 2018 at the National Institute of Valuation (INSPEN), Sengalar, Malaysia.

Mr. Don Rommel D. Dais, Local Assessment Operations Officer IV, of the BLGF Local Assessment Operations Division, represented the Bureau of Local Government Finance as a scholar in the said program. The Valuation Course was also participated by different government officials from Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Brunei and Indonesia among others.

The Course aimed to share the development experiences and expertise with other countries, including the Philippines. MTCP believes that human development, through these kinds of trainings, is essential in country’s development.

Mr. Dais bagged an award as the Best Participant of the said course.