13 September 2016


     In the interest of service and pursuant to Department Personnel Order No. 305-2000 dated October 27 , 2000, Item 6, Section 22 (d) of Local Treasury Operations Manual issued under Department Order No. 10-08 dated March 26, 2008, and Executive Order No. 459 dated September 1, 2005, all requests for travel abroad, either official or personal in nature, of regular and designated local treasurers and assistant treasurers shall be acted upon by the following BLGF authorities:

  • Executive Director:  Requests of City and Municipal Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers in the National Capital Region
  • Regional Director:   Requests of Provincial, City and Municipal Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers within the respective regional jurisdictions. 

For uniformity in the issuance of the Travel Authority, the attached template and the submission of the following shall be complied with:

1. Letter request stating the destination, date/duration, and purpose of travel;
2. BLGF Certification that the applicant has no pending administrative cases;
3. LGU clearance from money, properties and other accountabilities;
4. Certified true copy applicant’s latest Statement of Assets and Liabilities;
5. Recommendation of the Local Chief Executive for the designation of OIC/ICO of the Local Treasury Office during the period of the applicant’s absence. The  recommendation for the designation of Acting Assistant Local Treasurer for the purpose shall be optional;
6. Sworn Statement duly notarized indicating the estimated expenses of the travel and how it will be financed; and
7. Approved Leave of Absence for the duration of said travel in case of personal travel only.

As may be applicable and to ensure continuity of office operations, Travel Authority shall be issued together with designation order of an OIC/ICO Local Treasurer or Acting Treasurer.

In order to effectively monitor the travel abroad of local treasurers and assistant treasurers, copies of all travel authority issued by the Regional Directors and a summary report (see Annex A) shall be submitted on a monthly basis to the BLGF Central Office within five (5) days of the subsequent month.

For strict compliance.

OIC Executive Director

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