WHEREAS, the Secretary of Finance is mandated to appoint local treasurers and assistant treasurers of all provinces, cities, and municipalities across the country, pursuant to Sec. 470 and Sec. 471 of the Local Government Code (LGC) of 1991;

WHEREAS, local treasurers and assistant treasurer are regarded as local fiscal managers, and they ought to be professionals discharging their official duties and responsibilities with the highest degree of excellence, efficiency, professionalism, skills, ethical orientation and technical competencies that adequately respond to the requirements of the local government units (LGUs) that they serve;

WHEREAS, the Department of Finance (DOF) aims to institutionalize high standards of qualifications, practice and benchmarks for technical proficiencies and competencies in the local treasury service, in order to recruit highly qualified and competent local treasurers and assistant treasurers;

WHEREAS, the DOF endeavors to develop and institute continuing competency and professional development mechanisms for local treasury service;

WHEREAS, the DOF, in coordination with the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF), will partner with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in the development, institutionalization, conduct and administration of standardized examinations, assessment and intervention programs for local treasury service;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing premises, the Standardized Examination and Assessment for Local Treasury Services (SEAL) Program is hereby established and institutionalized, as follows

Section 1. Goals and Objectives. It is the goal of the DOF to promote the continuous professional development of the local treasury service and to develop a corps of competent and qualified local treasury officials who demonstrate and perform their functions with the highest degree of excellence, integrity and professionalism so they may effectively serve their LGUs and the general public. Toward this end, the Department endeavors to:

1.1 Ensure that local treasurers and assistant treasurers appointed and designated to the respective positions meet the established standards and benchmarks of the DOF for the required competencies and ethical orientation sufficient  to the level of fiscal operations and environment of the LGUs that they will serve;

1.2 Improve the internal mechanisms pertaining to the assessment of candidates for appointment and designation of local treasurers and assistant treasurers by the Secretary of Finance; and

1.3 Establish a ready pool of highly qualified personnel ready to be designated or appointed to the position of local treasurer of assistant treasurer.

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