Pasay City – The Department of Finance (DOF) Revenue Generation and Local Finance Group (RGLFG) Officer-In-Charge (OIC) Undersecretary Dakila Elteen M. Napao, Fiscal Policy and Monitoring Group (FPMG) Undersecretary Maria Cielo D. Magno, and Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) OIC Executive Director Ma. Pamela P. Quizon further discussed the proposed Real Property Valuation and Assessment Reform (RPVAR) bill to the members of the 4th Technical Working Group (TWG) at the Senator Sotto Room, Senate of the Philippines Financial Center, on 13 April 2023, Pasay City.  

The pertinent sections of the bill which were discussed in the said meeting are the Duty of Register of Deeds to Supply Assessors with Real Property Transactions Data (Sec. 21); Duty of Geodetic Engineers to Furnish Copy of Plans to the Assessor (Sec. 23); Duty of Registrar of Deeds and Notaries Public to Assist the Provincial, City, or Municipal Assessor (Sec. 24); Transmission of Real Property Transactions Data to the BLGF (Sec. 25); Appointment of Assessors (Sec. 26); Qualification of Local Government Assessors (Sec. 27); Failure to Comply with the Required Submission of Documents (Sec. 28); Violations of Other Provisions (Sec. 32); Taxpayers’ Remedies in Case of Erroneous Assessments of Real Properties (Sec. 33); Transitory Guidelines (Sec. 34); Budgetary Requirements for the Updating of Schedule of Market Values (Sec. 36); Implementing Rules and Regulations (Sec. 39); Separability Clause (Sec. 40); and Repealing Clause (Sec. 41).  

The 4th TWG is the last leg of deliberations for the proposed bill before the Senate Committee on Ways and Means submit the committee report.