BLGF Functional Statement

As provided for in Local Government Code of 1991 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), BLGF is mandated to assist the Department of Finance in the performance of the following specific functions:

Office of the Executive Director

Provide Department officials with technical advice and assistance in the formulation and execution of policies, rules, and regulations governing local taxation, real property valuation/assessments, and the conduct of the financial affairs of the local governments.

Assist Department officials in the exercise of administrative and technical supervision over local treasury and assessment offices and their respective operations;

Issue appropriate instructions/directives to local treasury and assessment officials relative to the enforcement of policies, rules and regulations.

Provide consultative services and technical assistance to the local governments and the general public on local taxation, real property assessment and other related matters.

Administer the DOF components of foreign-assisted projects involving local governments and the Municipal Development Fund established under PD 1914.

Administer the internal affairs of the Bureau and exercise direct supervision over its officials and personnel.

Review/approve pursuant to existing Department Orders work outputs on the offices, services and divisions comprising the Bureau.

Exercise administrative and technical supervision over the Bureau’s Regional Offices/operations.

Represent the Department in Inter-Agency Policy and Technical Committees concerning local governments or local finance matters.