The Bureau by virtue of its mandate supervises the local treasurers nationwide. Relative to this, it processes the appointment of Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers.

The procedure below defines the steps to be undertaken in the preliminary screening / processing of appointments of treasurers and assistant treasurers from the time of submission of qualified recommendees until the endorsement to the BLGF, Central Office for final evaluation and issuance of appointment.

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM except on holidays.

Clientele         : Local Government Units

How to Avail of the Service:

STEP CLIENT / CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDED DURATION OF ACTIVITY (Under Normal Circumstances) Division / Person In-Charge Fees Form / Document
1 Customer / Client submits a list of three (3) ranking eligible recommendees together with the documentary requirements of each in accordance with Sec. 470 and 471 of the LGC of 1991. Receive and records incoming list of recomendees with documentary requirements Ten (10) minutes Any of the following in the receiving area: None Logbook
2   The documents goes to the Regional Director for appropriate delegation Fifteen (15)minutes RD   Letter / documents
3   The documents is referred to the concerned Action Officer for appropriate action

  • Pre – evaluates qualifications of the three (3) recommendees to ensure that they all meet the prescribed qualification requirements

– If there are lacking documents, prepares communication to the concerned client

Five (5) days from receipt of complete documents     Documentary requirements
4   Prepares Comparative Evaluation of recommendees and determines their rating after receipt of complete documents Three (3) days after pre – evaluation -do-   Comparative Evaluation Sheet
5   Presentation to the RD the comparative evaluation sheet for the scheduling of deliberation for the Regional PSB.        
6   Prepares communication to the Provincial Treasurer concerned to be signed by the RD (member of the PSB) for the schedule of preliminary regional deliberation.       Letter
7   The Regional Personnel Selection Board (RPSB) will convene for the preliminary deliberation.

  • Prepares resolution for signature
One (1) hour to Two (2) hours Chairman:

  RPSB Resolution
8   Prepares endorsement to BLGF, Central Office with the Resolution and the documentary requirements for final evaluation and issuance of appointment Thirty (30) minutes     Signed endorsement & RPSB resolution
9   For recording, sorting and mailing Thirty (30) minutes Records Officer   Logbook
10   Files copy and maintains records   Records Officer