The procedure below defines the steps to be undertaken in carrying out the procurement system thru public bidding for goods and services required by the Bureau of Local Government Finance

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM except on holidays.

Clientele         : Service Providers, Contractors, Bidders

How to Avail of the Service:

Customer / Client Service Provider (Offices / Units of BLGF)
(Under Normal
Division / Person In-Charge Fees Form / Document
1 Prepare Bidding Documents  Provides a concise specification or description of the item and the quantityNote:

  1. Bidding documents shall be available to prospective bidders in a given time specified by the purchaser correlated to their bidding schedule
  2. Biding documents shall be issued by the BAC Secretariat or the Property Officer
1 week BAC Secretariat As specified (Amount may vary) The bidding documents shall include the following:

  • Approved Budget for the Contract
  • Instructions to Bidders
  • Terms of Reference
  • Eligible Requirements
  • Plans and Technical Specifications
  • Form of Bid, Price Form, and List of Goods or Bill of Quantities
  • Delivery Time or Completion Schedule
  • Form and Amount of Bid Security
  • Form and Amount of Performance Security and Warranty
  • Form of Contract and General and Special Conditions of Contract
2 Invitation to Bid

    • Pre-Procurement Conference
    • Advertising of the Invitation to Bid

– Newspaper

– G-EPS Posting

– Bureau’s Website

3 hrs2 weeks Bids and Awards Committee
BAC Secretariat
3 Submits BID Documents and relative requirements to the Bureau’s Records Unit 10 minutes Bidder/s BID Documents and relative requirements
4 Records Incoming Documents 10 minutes Records Officer None Logbook
5 Routes Documents to BAC Secretariat 20 minutes Records Officer None Logbook
6 Receives the BID Documents and affix initials / signature in the logbook 5minutes BAC Secretariat None Logbook / BID Documents
7 Pre-bid ConferenceNote:

  1. A pre-bid conference shall be held on any given time as specified by the purchaser to discuss, among other things, technical and financial components of the bid and eligibility requirements
  2. Any statement made at the pre-bid conference shall modify the bidding documents, unless such statement is specifically identified in writing as an amendment thereto and issue a supplemental or bid bulletin
4 hrs Bids and Awards Committee Bid Documents
8 Receipt and Opening of Bids

  • The BAC shall open the bids in front of the bidder or any of their duly authorized representatives
  • All members of the BAC who are present during the opening shall initial every page of the original copies of all eligible document received and opened
4 hrs Bids and Awards Committee, Technical Working Group and Bidders Bid Documents
9 Bid Evaluation

  • Preliminary Examination of Bids Evaluation of bidder’s eligibility, examination of documents and bid prices and Clarification of bids
  • Preparation of Abstract of Bids Determining the lowest calculated responsive bid and ranking of the total bid prices as calculated from lowest to highest and Bid Evaluation Report
3 hrs3 days


Bids and Awards Committee,Technical Working Group and BAC Secretariat Abstract of Bids, Bid Evaluation Report
10 Award

  • Preparation of Resolution to Award and Notice to Award
  • Approval of Resolution to Award and Notice to Award
  • Issuance of Notice to Award
  • Posting of Performance Security
1 week1 day


Technical Working Group and BAC SecretariatHead of Agency

Bids and Awards Committee



Resolution of BAC to Award, Notice of AwardPerformance Security
11 Implementation of Contract

  • Contract Signing
  • Notice to Proceed
1 day Bids and Awards Committee and Winning Bidder Notice to Proceed, Contract
12 Delivery , Inspection and Acceptance

    • Delivery of goods / services per contract

For Goods

  • Final Inspection and Acceptance
As specified in the contract1 day Winning BidderCommission on Audit


GoodsInspection and Acceptance Report