TO                   :  All Bureau Officials and Personnel, Regional Directors, Provincial, City and Municipal Treasurers and others Concerned

FROM            :  JOCELYN T. PENDON
                          OIC- Executive Director

SUBJECT      :  Technical Advisory on Data Capturing of Advance Payment Collections
Date               :  14 March 2016

In order to update and complete the database of the electronic Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (eSRE) Central System, local government units (LGUs) are hereby required to execute the procedures on data capturing of advance payment collections in their respective eSRE LGU System.

The BLGF Central Office shall email a batch file (.bat) to the Regional Offices’ official email address. Likewise, the said file will also be posted in the BLGF website at LGU Report System page including the procedures and flow chart that will guide the LGUs in executing the process. Please find attached Annex A for the detailed instructions.

Upon completion of the process, the following are hereby instructed:

a. LGUs shall email the output folder (LGU Name_LGU Code.tmp) files to their respective BLGF Regional Office.

b. All BLGF Regional Offices shall consolidate all the output folder emailed by the LGUs within their respective jurisdictions.

c. All BLGF Regional Offices shall submit the output folder files once completed to the BLGF Central Office via email at on of before 08 April 2016.

For further inquiries, please contact Ms. Rosanna E. Salvador of the Local Financial Analysis Division (LFDAD) at telephone number (02) 522-8771 or email us address at