1. ‘Region’ pertains to the Regional Testing Center of the examinees.
  1. The date and period of release of individual results shall be announced via the BLGF website and official Facebook page.
  1. Individual ICLTE results (Certificate of Rating), together with one (1) certified true copy thereof, will be officially issued by the BLGF Central Office (CO) in a sealed envelope.
  1. Examinees may claim their Certificate of Rating at the BLGF Regional Office (RO) concerned and BLGF CO (for NCR LGUs and BLGF CO employees only).
  1. In claiming the certificate, examinees must present at least one (1) government-issued ID.
  1. Unclaimed sealed envelopes shall be returned to the BLGF CO within fifteen (15) days after the end of the period of release. Thereafter, those who fail to claim the result from the BLGF RO shall claim the document at the BLGF CO.
  1. Examinees from the National Capital Region and BLGF CO shall claim the results from the BLGF Central Office – Records Unit.
  1. Examinees who cannot personally claim the results shall execute and submit to the BLGF RO/CO a Special Power of Attorney (SPA). The SPA shall be accompanied with photo copies of the examinee’s and the authorized representative’s government-issued ID cards.
  1. In the event of loss of ICLTE Certificate of Rating, the BLGF will only issue the ‘Certified True Copy on File’ of issued certificates.
  1. The release/distribution of the ICLTE results is free of charge. The BLGF has not authorized anyone, directly or indirectly, to collect or receive any amount or consideration for this purpose and related activities. Should this occur, please report immediately to the BLGF Office of the Executive Director via