Issuance of Certificate on Debt Service Ceiling (Regional Office)

The issuance of Certificate on Debt Service Capacity of the LGUs is in conjunction with the Bureau´s LGU Debt Service Certification System, which determines the maximum amount an LGU can allocate for debt service. LGUs are issued certifications for their borrowing and debt service capacities as a requirement for sub-loan projects.

The procedure below defines the steps to be undertaken in the issuance of Certificate on Debt Service Ceiling (Borrowing Capacity) of LGUs

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM except on holidays.

Clientele         : Local Government Units, GFIs

How to Avail of the Service:

STEP Customer / Client Service Provider (Offices / Units of BLGF) Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Division / Person In-Charge Fees Form / Document
1 Submits Request for Debt Service Ceiling / Borrowing Capacity   20 minutes      
2   Receives letter request by the Prov / City / Mun LCE together with documentary requirements 3 minutes Receiving Clerk    
3   Records letter request in the log book and attach routing slip for Action Officer 5 minutes Receiving Clerk    
4   Routes to Action Officer concerned   RD – ARD or duly authorized Officer    
5   Evaluates / reviews completeness of documentary requirements

  • if with complete documentary requirements, prepare letter / endorsement to CO for issuance of Certification
  • if not complete or with deficiency, prepare letter to LCE concerned for submission of lacking requirements
2 hours

15 minutes

15 minutes

6   Forwards draft / final letter to RD or in her absence, to ARD for signature / approval 10 minutes RD – ARD    
7   Records and releases documents 10 minutes AO IV LTD / HRMA EPM    
8   Files