The service is a determination of whether a Prima Facie Evidence exists against the erring officials complained of and the eventual issuance of Formal Charge as the case maybe, which seeks to institutionalize efficiency, and ensures quick or prompt action on complaints received from the public.

Any government official/employee, private person or organization may file a complaint against erring Local Treasurers and their Assistants.

  • Have observed or witnessed irregularities in the performance of the Local Treasurers and their Assistants’ duties and functions.
  • Have general knowledge of any undesirable acts/activities of said officials.

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM except on holidays.

Clientele         :

How to Avail of the Service:

STEP Customer / Client Service Provider (Offices / Units of BLGF) Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Division / Person In-Charge Fees Form / Document
1. Filing of Complaint/ Administra-tive Case Proceed to the BLGF Regional Office No. 1. Submit a complaint against Local Treasurers in writing and subscribed and sworn by the complainant.

*COA will indorse the audit report against  an earring Treasurers

Receive complaint and other documents or direct evidence and record in logbook.


5 minutes


Receiving Clerk


2. Action on the complaint Upon review of a complaint which is sufficient in form and substance, the disciplining authority shall require the person complained of to submit a Counter-Affidavit/ Comment under oath

Within three (3) days from receipt

Special Investigator III/  Regional Director
3. Preliminary Investigation An ex-parte examination of record and documents submitted, as well as documents readily available from other government offices Commence not later than five (5) days from receipt of the complaint by the disciplining authority and shall be terminated within thirty (30) days thereafter.

Special Investigator III

4. Investigation Report Investigating Officer will submit the Investigation Report and the complete records of the case to the Disciplining authority Within five (5) days from the termination of the preliminary investigation

Special Investigator III

5. Decision of Resolution after Preliminary Investigation If prima-facie case is established during the investigation, a formal charge shall be issued by the disciplining authority. A formal investigation shall follow. Special Investigator III / Regional Director
6. Formal Charge The Disciplining Authority shall formally charge the person complained of after finding a Prima-Facie case.

A directive to answer
the charge(s ) in writing under oath


Regional Director

7. Answer In not less than seventy-two (72) hours from receipt thereof (Formal Charge)
8. Preventive suspension Preventive Suspension may be issued to temporarily remove the respondent from the scene of his misfeasance or malfeasance and to preclude the possibility of exerting undue influence or pressure on the witnesses against him or tampering of documentary evidence on file with his/ her office.
9. Conduct of Formal Investigation Conduct Formal investigation if the merits of the case cannot be decided judiciously without conducting such investigation Shall be held not earlier than five (5) days nor later than ten (10) days from receipt of the respondent’s answer. Shall be finished within thirty (30) days from issuance of the formal charge or the receipt of the answer unless the period is extended by the disciplining authority in meritorious cases.

Special Investigator III

10. Pre-Hearing Conference Parties may submit position paper/memoranda and submit the case for resolution based on the result of the pre-hearing conference without any need of further hearing. Special Investigator III
Continuous Hearing Until Termination
Hearing shall be conducted on the hearing dates set by the Hearing Officer or as agreed upon during the pre-hearing conference. The parties, their counsel and witnesses, if any, shall be given a notice at least five (5) days before the first schedule hearing specifying the time, date and place of the said hearing and subsequent hearings.
Formal Investigation Report
A report containing a narration of the material facts established during the investigation, the findings and the evidence supporting said findings as well as the recommendations shall be submitted by the Hearing Officer with the Disciplining Authority. The complete records of the case shall be attached to the Report of Investigation.
13. When Case is Decided The disciplining authority shall render his decision on the case to be forwarded to the Central Office for confirmation/final action.

Regional Director