(1) Legal Bases:

Republic Act 7160 dated 10 October 1991

Executive Order No. 127 dated 30 January 1987

Department Order No. 054.2016 dated 25 October 2016

BLGF Memorandum Circular No.005.2018 dated 22 January 2018

(2)    Brief Description:

Monitoring of individual Local Government Unit (LGU) loans and borrowings, per Region to provide relevant information on the outstanding loan balance of LGU. The SIPB report is a monitoring tool that will provide viable solution for collecting detailed information on outstanding LGU debt and repayment.

(3)    Availability of Service:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on holidays.

(4)    Documentary Requirements: [Requirements with short description/information]

Individual LGU SIPB report

(5)    Period of Application/Lead Time Requirement/Prerequisites:


(6)    Procedure:



Responsible Person/Office


Receive and record SIPB Regional Report and NCR-LGU SIPB.

5 minutes

Administrative Aide VI


Validate consolidate, summarize and evaluate the data reported in SIPB.

7 days

Financial Analyst II


Analyze consolidated National SIPB report

6 days

Financial Analyst II


Validate analysis and

2 days

Fiscal Examiner V


Prepare request for uploading to the BLGF Website the consolidated and summary of SIPB report

15 minutes

Financial Analyst II

End of Procedure

(7)    Fees:

No fees shall be collected for this service.

(8)    Additional Notes:

The consolidated SIPB report of LGUs provides relevant information concerning the magnitude, trends and patterns, including the level, type and purpose of loans and borrowings of LGUs. The information is available in BLGF website which is updated regularly.