a)    Legal Bases:

Executive Order No. 2 series 2016 on Freedom of Information

Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007

Ease of Doing Business Act of 2018

Data Privacy Act of 2012

National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007 (RA 9470)

BLGF Freedom of Information (FOI) Manual

BLGF MC No. 02-2016 Communication Policy dated 12 January 2016

b)    Brief Description:

To ensure proper, accurate and complete identification and traceability of archived records and release of information to the general public. This procedure covers the issuance of Document/Report subjects under the Freedom of Information.

c)     Availability of Service:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on holidays.

d)    Documentary Requirements:

  1. For Walk-in clients, Record Request Form
  2. Request (Thru eFOI Website, by mail, email)
  3. Any National Government issued Identification Document (ID) Card.

e)     Period of Application/Lead Time Requirement/Prerequisites:


f)     Procedure:

  Activity Duration Responsible


1 Receive and record FOI Request Form (See procedure of Incoming Document)

Endorse to FOI Receiving Officer

20 minutes Records Unit-

Admin. Aide II

2 Verify proof of identification and evaluate the request.

Endorse request to Decision Maker for approval.

20 minutes FRO
3 Retrieve information requested. (See Retrieval of Records procedure)

  • Simple Information
  • Information that requires extensive search, examination of voluminous records, conduct of field evaluation or investigation and occurrence of fortuitous case.


Max of 10 working days


15 working days plus maximum extension of 20 working days.

Admin. Officer V/ Concerned Office/Service/ Division/Unit
4 Decision Maker approves request.

In case request has been denied, notify the requestor as to the reason of denial.

Within 2 days Decision Maker (SD/DED)


5 Send the requested information thru preferred mode of reply of the requestor

  • Via eFOI
  •  Via mail/pick-up/email
Within the day  


Decision Maker


6 Update status of request (Standard) 5 minutes FRO
7 Release document (See Procedure on Outgoing Documents) Within a  day Admin. Officer I
8 Archive the duplicate copy of request. (See procedure of Archiving of Records) Within a  day Admin. Aide I

g)    Fees:

No Fees shall be collected for this service.

h)    Type of Transaction:

Simple Transaction – Requires less than a day to three (3) days complete the process.

Complex Transaction – Requires seven (7) days to complete the process.

Highly Technical Transaction – Requires fifteen (15) to twenty (20) days to complete the process.

i)      Additional Notes:

For requests and further information, you may visit at www.foi.gov.ph.