The procedures below define the steps to be undertaken on queries or requests from the time the queries or other forms of communication are received to the time the responses are recorded.

Availability of Service: Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM except on holidays.

Clientele         : Local Government Units Other Agencies Taxpayers

How to Avail of the Service:

STEP Customer / Client Service Provider (Offices / Units of BLGF) Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Division / Person In-Charge Fees Form / Document
1 Client / customer submits the query to the Receiving Officer Records incoming communication / query Ten (10) minutes Any of the following in the receiving area: None Logbook
2   The query goes to the Regional Director for his information and appropriate delegation Fifteen (15) minutes RD   Query / letter
3   The query is referred to the concerned Action Officer for appropriate action

  • For simple transaction/s
  • For complex transaction/s
Three (3) to Five (5) minutes

One (1) to Five (5) working days reckoned from receipt thereof
Six (6) to Ten (10) working days reckoned from receipt of request. The ten (10) days can be extended depending on the complexity of the query or transaction.

  • ARD
  • Or any of the concerned employee
  Logbook should be initialed by the Action officer upon receipt
4   For review of the draft reply and renders comment.

  • In case of corrections / comments, the draft letter is returned to the concerned action officer for re-drafting
  • In case there are no corrections / comments, the draft will be forwarded to the Regional Director.
Thirty (30) to One (1) hour ARD   Draft letter
5   For final evaluation and notation of draft reply Fifteen (15) to Thirty (30) minutes RD   Draftletter
6   For finalization Fifteen (15) minutes By concerned action officer   Final letter
7   For initial of the communication Fifteen (15) minutes ARD   Letter with initial
8   For signature Fifteen (15) minutes RD   Letter with signature
9   For recording, sorting and mailing Thirty (30) minutes Records Officer   Signed letter / Logbook
10   Files copy and maintains records   Records Officer