TO: BLGF Regional Directors of this Bureau, Provincial, City and Municipal Treasurers and Others Concerned

SUBJECT: Civil Service Commission (CSC) Opinion on the Notice of Separation of Local Treasurers

For the information and guidance of all concerned, attached is a copy of CSC-OLA Opinion No. 402 s.2016 dated 26 September 2016, relevant portion of which reads as follows:

“Based on Section 94, RRACS, it is explicitly provided that a notice of separation relative to the dropping from the rolls of an employee shall be signed by the
appropriate appointing authority or head of office. The provision of Section 94, RRACS should be read in relation to Section 470 (a) and (b) of the Local Gov’t
Code of 1991, such that a notice of separation shall be signed by the appointing authority only or his authorized representative (BLGF Executive Director).
It must be emphasized that a head of office may bot be the appointing authority of a certain position in the government service. Jurisprudence is replete with
cases where the Supreme Court has time and again held that the power to appoint carries with it the power to remove or to discipline.”

All BLGF Regional Directors are hereby directed to take note of the abovementioned opinion and disseminate the same to all provincial, city and municipal treasurers and assistant treasurers and to other offices concerned.

Please be guided accordingly.


OIC Executive Director

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