The Bureau of Local of Local Government Finance (BLGF) has released the list of 159 passers out of 555 examinees of the Intermediate Competency on Local Treasury Examination (ICLTE) conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) last October 14, 2018.

Under Memorandum Circular No. 024-2018 dated 18 December 2018, the BLGF announced the list of passers, which may also be accessed via

The ICLTE, focusing on strategic-managerial competencies, is the Level 2 examination requirement of DOF-BLGF’s Standardized Examination and Assessment for Local Treasury Service (SEAL) Program.

The ICLTE requires passing first the Level 1 Exam, or the Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE), which is also administered by the CSC.

The SEAL Program aims to professionalize the local treasury service, pursuant to DOF Department Order No. 056.2016, issued by Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III.

The top 10 ICLTE passers are the following:



Region [1]


1 Gaspar, Anna Liza M I 88.89
2 Remandaban, Kherwin B CAR 88.64
3 Ochia, Janine Lynn J X 88.40
Tonogan, Jed Dares P VI 88.40
4 Gallego, Sharon Rose D VI 86.42
Adaoag, Emmanuel C III 86.42
5 Batol, Alvim M XII 86.17
Valmeo, Nicole Franz F X 86.17
Cataloctocan, Sesa Grace S VI 86.17
Talattag, Vernon S II 86.17
Rodriguez, Mary Ann Pilar B I 86.17
6 Aranjuez, Melanie E XI 85.93
Calda, Angelo M VIII 85.93
Bolando, Rowland B II 85.93
7 Abrajano, Jonalyn C NCR 85.68
8 Delos Reyes, Norman David F NCR 85.43
Carcueva, Hedeliza L VII 85.43
Belano, Martino III G IV 85.43
9 Villaruel, Bernardino R VI 85.19
Agtarap, Kevin Richard A II 85.19
10 Chan, Ariane T CARAGA 84.94
Cabantac, Evelyn E VIII 84.94

[1] Regional Testing Center of Examinee

Region VI yielded the most number of successful examinees (26), followed by Region II (21) then by Region IV and Region VIII (15).

Under Department Order No. 053.2016, the DOF has set additional standards, qualifications and benchmarks for competencies of local treasurers and assistant treasurers who are appointed by the Secretary of Finance, and are under the technical and administrative supervision of the BLGF.

The SEAL program focuses on tactical-operational competencies (Level 1), strategic-managerial competencies (Level 2), and leading-for-innovation competencies (Level 3) to instill a culture of excellence, integrity and proficiency for modern local treasury service.

Passing the BCLTE will lead to Local Treasurer Eligibility (LTE), which shall be an equivalent eligibility to the second level or first grade eligibilities, such as the Career Service Professional and the eligibility granted under Republic Act No. 1080.

The BCLTE is a requirement in DOF’s SEAL Level 1 Certification for designations of local treasurers and assistant local treasurers effective July 2019. It will also have weight in the evaluation of candidates for appointment of local treasurers.

The ICLTE, which will also be an annual exam, is a requirement for the DOF’s SEAL Level 2 Certification, and will be appropriate for appointment to higher positions in the local treasury service, particularly for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class local governments.

As a promotional exam, the ICLTE requires passing first the BCLTE and may also be applicable for positions under the Financial Services in the civil service, which do not require the practice of profession and are not covered by Bar/Board or Special Laws, subject to meeting all the qualification requirements of the positions.

The SEAL Level 3 Certification, or the Advance Competency for Local Treasury Examination (ACLTE), will be piloted to certify an individual’s competencies to lead and innovate local treasury operations, which is appropriate for Special, 1st Class and Highly Urbanized Cities, and 1st income class provinces.

The DOF, through the BLGF, will issue the individual certification of rating of all ICLTE examinees, through the BLGF Central and Regional Offices. Examinees are advised to regularly check updates from the BLGF Website and Official Facebook Page.